Monday, April 10, 2006

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

-: Wish u a Happy Holi :-

Holika, commonly called Holi is a spring festival celebrated at the approach of the spring season, during the 3 or 4 days preceding the full moon day in the month of Phagan. Holi is celebrated by throwing colors and colored powder in the air. Colorful Rangoli pattems are painted at doorways to houses. Families assemble around a fire throwing prasad and coconut in the fire. They also take home prasad. The Holi festival marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Vrindavan and Lord Krishna's legend of courting Radha and playing pranks on the Gopis are also the essence of Holi.In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna in his youth has been idealised as a lover, and it is the spirit of his lighthearted, mischievous passion of courtship that enters the Spring festival of Holi. Krishna and Radha are depicted celebrating Holi in the hamlets of Gokul, Barsana and Vrindavan, bringing them alive with mischief and youthful pranks.
Holi was Krishna and Radha's celebration of love - a teasing, affectionate panorama of feeling and colour. These scenes have been captured and immoratalised in the songs of Holi: the festival that is also the harbinger of the light, warm, beautiful days of Spring.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

-: Eat Cricket, Drink Cricket and Play Cricket :-

I am back with some of the Gr8 Event of Cricket at NITK, It's about the tournament of SuperSix, so first i will tell u Protocol( Rules and Regulations) of it, Six over match, six player to play one super subsitute, Boundry is very near( 30 Yard), for each extra 2 runs ( No ball, wide etc.) No LBW, No Leg Byes. sound aweaome, Isn't it..... and I am with MCA 2nd year Guys and registered for the event and started to wait for our match... 30 teams were registered for the Grand Super six, now first match, and our opponent didn't turn up so v got the bye to the next round, and after three days it's our next round match which we won with some excitement as our last batsman scored 19 crucial runs, i played onlu four balls and hited 2 six, 1 four and bowled. we can't play a dot ball in supe six as it is having it's own importance. anyhow we won and in next round of Super six, as I was playing first time with MCA friends i was not sure about our good performance, but after this win, i started believing that our's is good team... and we can do well in coming games which were too far in the schedule. And the day was sunday when our team name was there on the notice board to play match, but what the hell is this if we win the match at 2:25 we should play next( Quater final) at 3:45 and after winning this we should play next ( semi final) at 5:30 same day. three continious match is this a series or Phata-Phata ( rapid) Cricket, But we started and played all the matches sincerly and won all the three easily like the champions of Super Six, our team was growing and learning from each match the weak point and it was becomining easy and very easy to win the game. In all three matches we Scored mountain like score if batting first or restricted opponent to a tiny score if they r batting first.. and won the three game nicely... and we were in final scheduled to the Next day. In Final we won the toss both for Pitch ( on which pitch we should play) and also the game toss we elected to bat and in just three over our oppening batsman scored 116 runs, sounds amazing and we were thinking that we will reach upto 200 easily but opponent bowlled nicely and restricted us at 166 runs and then there was nothing in the game if we bowled first two - three overs well and we have done it easilly they lost by more then 100 runs even we didn't see how much they scored and all were in the ground jumping and cheering for the "Super Seven" of us... and giving GPL for the captain, player of the match .....

Saturday, January 28, 2006

-: Does Only Pitch Matters in Cricket:-

So much Controversy about pitches in recent matches of pakistan tour of India, Does the only thing matters in Cricket is "Pitch".. I never played a match on international pitch , and before this series i never consedered pitch as a great factor then Batsman and bowler I was thinking Good Bowler can take Wickets on any Pitch and good batsman can score anywhere.... but after seeing first and second test on flat pitches where everyone is scoring their best and improving their records... Now i should think about the importance of the pitches .......... and here in third test after seeing grass on the pitch dravid took bowling and result is in front of us 6/39 (10.3 overs) these r the batsman who scored 199, 194, and so many centuries.. what happens this time... what they will comment... "Picth was pretty good helping bowlers.. returning good swing". I am kepping my finger crossed for Indian Innings.... what do u say?...

-: Sumit Panwar say's :-

Hi Bloggers,
I don't know why i have created one another blog and kept the title Sumit Panwar say's , I think probably after reading some interesting blogs which r writing their own views and posting regularly. I don't have a habit of regular Blogpostings. But here i am on the battlefield and hoping i will post atleast one post in a month as a starter which will contains original sumit's view...... So, i am waiting for myself when i will start and update it as soon as possible.....